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Realty Thoughts

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In India, it is appropriate to define affordability in housing as being a function of three broad parameters - the monthly household income (MHI) of prospective buyers, the size of the dwelling unit and the affordability of the home buyer (the ratio of the price of the home to annual income or the ratio of EMI to monthly income).
As per the regulations of Income Tax Act 1960, certain payments and investments such as tuition fees of children, charitable donations, provident funds, education loans, medical expenses of disabled family members, and so on can help you claim your tax benefits. For homeowners, home loans are the biggest source of tax benefits.
Property registration is the most important and the final stage of a home buying process or a property transfer. Once the property is registered in your name, it’s official: you own the house! However, learning about property registration should not be put off until the last minute. As a potential homeowner, being informed about the procedure will help you keep you when it is time.