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Realty Thoughts

From the latest happenings in Real Estate to helpful advice on investing in the Real Estate market in Chennai, we have it all covered on our blog. Our team of writers and contributors post regularly, so be sure to check back often for the latest news, updates and industry know-how.

Driven by the Chennai government's commitment to developing the city as a leader in IT and IT Enabled Services, OMR or Old Mahabalipuram Road is a stretch of 45 KM with Adyar’s Madhya Kailash temple on one end and Mahabalipuram on the other.
Chennai used to be considered a city of old money. Where inherited wealth was commonplace and self-made millionaires, a one-off statistic talked about over drinks at the Boat Club. Today, Chennai has evolved into a favoured destination for the wealthy with all its residential hotspots.
While the idea of luxury is ever-evolving, luxury apartments have always been the stud of the residential market. What always brought about the major rift between budget and luxury apartments in the past was the factor of affordability.